Unconventional metal expression.

We bend metal and conventions in different shapes, sizes and colors to enhance mood.


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Huddle is a stackable series of stools made out of perforated sheet that'll help you use space more efficiently. The carefully handcrafted sculptural shape with geometric cuts and unique measurements allow the Huddle objects to perfectly fit when stacked on top of each other.


The carefully handcrafted unique shape with its original geometric beveled corners, allows the Cuddle stool to change its role from a seating option to an independent art piece with oblique mode standing position, enhancing the personality of your space.

Cuddle Table

Sculptural table made out of perforated sheet, with a solid base which can be filled with soil and used for indoor and outdoor container gardening. The unique design with original geometric shapes and cuts will always look like an art object, in your favorite space. Or it can be moved when needed using its self-braking casters. Multifunctional and robust, with built-in resistance to flexing and exposure to natural elements, it allows air circulation with adequate humidity and proper sunlight absorption while protecting the seedling, as it can hold heavy weight if needed.


Small sculptural stool made out of perforated sheet, with a solid base which can be used as storage space for kids toys. A place to Colorful unique design with original geometric shapes that will always look like an art object in your kid’s playroom



Following an in-depth study, exploring how different metal materials behave and imagining them in all shapes and sizes, my team and I brought to life unique collections of functional design objects for homes, offices and outdoor spaces.

A huge part of our process involves playing logic with metal. We studied this material until we were impressed with the unique shape that emerged.

Aiming for spectacular, unconventional outcomes, we’re driven by our artistic background and believe in transformative design that causes reaction and challenges behaviour.

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